About me

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Hi! I'm Amber, the creator of Welcome to Inhabit. In 2016, my husband and I had recently finished up our medical residencies and were getting comfortable in our new jobs. We had been renters for our entire adult lives and were ready to have a place of our own. Despite our $700,000+ worth of student loans, we started the search for our perfect house. A year later, we were still house searching (I know, our poor real-estate agents). We conceded that our budget was not going to get us the beautiful, functional home we were hoping for. Not by a long shot. We ended up purchasing a 1936 craftsman in a diverse and family friendly neighborhood. Of course, the house was in need of a good amount of work inside and out. And so it began, the process of making the house work for us and our little family!

In this blog you will find tons of before and after's, detailed DIY tutorials, and educational interior design posts. I also sell my incredibly talented sister's art! Please don't hesitate to contact me with comments or questions. I'm more than happy to chat!