How to make a tiny office ultra-functional

I think the office might be my favorite room in our house. Its a sunny little room off of the back of the living room. According to our 90 year old neighbors, the room used to be a porch. No surprise there... two of the walls were heavily textured exterior plaster (and two were new drywall). The 8'x9' room was finished off with teeny trim and nasty carpet. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with this room initially. And it underwent numerous iterations before landing on its current state!

First things first, I knew I had to skim-coat the walls so they were all smooth. If you're not familiar with the term, this sums it up: 1. smear plaster compound on the walls with a squeegee. 2. sand. 3. repeat. Its not one of my most enjoyable projects I've undertaken.

But, it made a huge difference. Add in some paint, trim and new carpet (that subsequently became disgusting) and this is where we ended up. Not bad!

At this point I thought I was done! I tried numerous different furniture configurations, including 3 desks, and who knows how many chairs/ sofas (luckily, most were from craigslist and were just resold). The result was always... meh. What I really wanted out of this space was to maximize usable storage, a beautiful functional desk, and a piece of furniture that could function as a guest bed. I finally realized that the only way to achieve this was to call my wonderful cabinet maker.

The desk and cabinets came out to $1650. I painted/ stained and installed them myself (after I put in some new cork flooring). All details below. To make this room double as a guest bedroom, I choose a pull out sleeper sofa in a nice indoor/ outdoor material. Because the room had no heat, I hired an electrician to install a little electric heater under the desk, which is so nice for the feet in winter! The room still needs some finishing touches (like hardware and a ceiling fan), but as it is, I'm loving it and putting it to great use!

Room Details:

Cabinet color: Benjamin Moore White Dove

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Desk: Hickory wood in Minwax provincial stain

Chair (Houzz)

Lamp (Burke Decor)

Sconce (Target)

Sleeper Sofa (Wayfair, sold out)

Cowhide Rug

Flooring (I don't recommend cork if kids/ pets)